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Since TightKnots began in 2005, we have been driven by the belief that God has a strong desire for good marriages. A good marriage to us is one in which a couple are close, connected and secure in each other's love.  All of our events and activities are designed to provide opportunities for couples to strengthen  and enrich their marriages.  Through our annual Couples Weekend Away, our 3Fold Cord prayer meetings and 2Become1 premarital course, we hope to provide platforms for transformative and, where necessary, restorative experiences for couples on the journey towards, or already united in the marriage experience.

The name TightKnots is a combination of two words...

  • Tight – Firm. Snug (fitting very closely) Fixed (firmly secured or held). Taut (stretched so that there is no slack). Sealed (sealed against leaks). Secure. Close.
  • Knot Fastening of strands by looping and pulling tight. Bond. Join. Bind. Knit. Weave. Joint. Connection. Tie.

...and is derived from Ecclesiastes 4:12; a marriage that is made up of God, husband and wife who are committed to his will for their lives and submitted to the dictates of His spirit, will withstand the tests of time and circumstances.

We've prepared resources that will help you on your marriage journey, look around the website and be strenghtened on your marriage journey.  Why not sign up to receive our weekly couples devotional?

TightKnots is the marriage ministry at Jesus House, a church in London under the leadership of Agu and Sola Irukwu, and a part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Pastors Agu and Sola are happily married and blessed with three children.

Whether your marital adventure is still years away from beginning, or you've been happily connected to the spouse of your dreams for decades, we believe we have something to make your journey that more rewarding.



Who we are




We desire to see couples build Christ-centred marriages that will last a lifetime, be a light to the world and leave a legacy.

How we support couples

We know that marriage can sometimes be hard, but we believe it is possible to have a good, healthy marriage.

Get Involved

We are always in search of volunteers to join us, and there are many ways that you can get involved.

Statement of faith

What we believe about God and people serves as a compass for our perpective and hope for the successes we achieve.


We have tried to provide answers to questions we are often asked.  If you have any other quesions, please do ask. 

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You can find contact information on the specific persons or departments within TightKnots who can cater to your enquiries...


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The TightKnots Ministry

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Telephone number: 02084388285
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